Uptime Monitoring


We check your site so you’ll run your website or business. myWPguys provides an easy-to-use, server’s latent period including auto real-time backups and verifies the pages, malware scanning, and spam protection.


Premium WordPress Uptime Monitoring Services

The worst nightmare for any business owner is the unavailability of their website for the visitors. But such unwanted situations can arise in reality and sometimes you are not aware of it. This could hurt your brand value and make customers unhappy as well. To save yourself from all this mess, you can opt for WordPress Uptime Monitoring services that will check your website continuously and alert you when it becomes inaccessible for your users or the performance drops down beyond a threshold limit.

Our WordPress Website Uptime Monitoring solutions for WordPress websites enable businesses to act immediately without hampering the experience for the visitors. Moreover, downtime can also affect your search engine rankings and overall revenue. We at myWPguys offer services 24*7 to help our clients keep their websites available all the time to save their money and reputation.

Best WP Uptime Monitoring Services.

Keep monitoring everywhere you go.

We are manually checking your websites for errors is an unnecessary and time-consuming process also we be sure of your core business knowing that your site is accessible everywhere and at any time!.

Why choose our WordPress Uptime Monitoring Services?

Testing the site across the world

Over the years, we have been successful in developing a network of servers across the globe that helps to ensure that your website is accessible to users in any part of the world.

Continuous monitoring

We let you select the frequency at which you want to check the availability of your website. This enables continuous monitoring which helps in minimizing the harmful effects of downtime.

Deep insights into the site’s availability

We provide you detailed reports regarding the availability of your website and regarding the downtime as well. This will help you to gain deeper insights and find solutions to improve the overall performance.

Various customer touchpoints

We want you to be notified about the unavailability of your website as soon as possible. Therefore we notify you through several touchpoints. We send emails, SMS alerts or even make a phone call to our client if the situation demands.

Uptime Monitoring made easy with myWPguys

Our focus is to make the entire website uptime monitoring process easy and smooth for you. Therefore we leave no stone unturned to make it easy and less technical for you guys. With our efficient services, you can be in control of the downtime of your website and reduce it to as minimum as possible. Without installing any software or making any technical changes, you can start using our services instantly. We know that downtime can be harmful to your business resulting in loss of customers, revenue and the reputation of your brand. Therefore we want to make the process as seamless as possible so that you can have peace of mind, without worrying what if my website is unavailable in the middle of the night without me knowing about it.


Grow your business with us 24/7 Uptime Monitoring.

Optimize the uptime and performance of your website, APIs, and servers, and find alerted immediately when something breaks.

Benefits of our WordPress Uptime Monitoring Services

By opting for the services of an experience uptime monitoring service provider, you ensure better uptime monitoring and reduced downtime. Here are some features that make our uptime monitoring services better than others:

  • Round the clock monitoring of the website
  • Immediate monitoring and notification
  • No extra software needed
  • Quick notifications through SMS, email and call
  • Detailed reporting for better understanding