Is your website available worldwide? Let’s find out!


    Is your website available worldwide? Let’s find out!.

      Know if your site is down from locations worldwide

      myWPguys’ Free Website Uptime tool tells more than forty of myWPguys’ 25 checkpoints to send a request to your website, and Uptrends checks each response. Each checkpoint looks for a successful response, tracks the timing, and generates a report based on the website’s availability and response time.

      You’ll know if your site is available from each test city based on a green or red tile. Each tile tells you how long the test took, and when you hover over a tile, you can get the resolve, connect, download times, and response size.

      Is it down, or is it just me?

      Knowing if your site is down on a global scale or just in regions can help guide your problem resolution. A regionalized outage could mean that you have a DNS issue, an Internet backbone failed, or network congestion caused requests to time out.

      The Free Website Uptime and Availability tool gives you a comprehensive look at your site from a global perspective. When your site is red across the board, you know you’ve got bigger problems such as a DDoS attack, a hosting provider outage, or a hardware malfunction.

      Website uptime alerting

      When your site goes down, you want to know about it. That’s where Uptrends’ advanced alerting comes in. Uptrends verifies every error from another checkpoint before issuing an alert. If the second test errors too, Uptrends uses your preferred messaging system to send out the message: SMS, email, phone/voice, Slack, PagerDuty, StatusHub, VictorOps, ServiceNow, or your own custom webhook.

      Based on your alert definitions, you can escalate the alerting as the error condition continues. You can change the contact method or who gets notified and continue to send reminders until the problem gets fixed.

      Your HTTPS website monitors take a selfie too when possible. When the problem is a page error, such as a failed content check, Uptrends loads the result into a browser and takes a screenshot to let you see what the page looked like at the time of the error.