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At myWPguys we fix slow loading websites as well as tune fast websites to get them loading as fast as possible. We make your site blazing fast, ultra-secure & keep it running at peak performance.


WordPress Speed Optimization Service Provider

Nothing can be a faster turnoff for any visitor than a website that is slow. According to research conducted, 40% of visitors are likely to abandon a website if it takes three or more seconds to load. So to ensure your website does not lose any customers, opt for our WordPress Speed Optimization Services. We at myWPguys can assist you in reducing the loading speed that will enhance the overall user experience for your website.

Our speed optimization team consists of experienced WordPress professionals. This helps us to deliver quality results to our clients every single time. Whether you are facing any speed related issues or want to ensure that the current performance of your website doesn’t dip down, our team will happy to help you in both the scenarios.

WP Speed Optimization Made Easy!

Speed up your WordPress website.

Our WordPress Speed optimization service will make your site load faster and score well on Google Page Speed Insights and GTMetrix.

Why you need to Improve WordPress Website Speed?

Improve Your SEO Rankings

After Google’s Speed Update, the speed of your website directly affects your SEO rankings. So by improving the speed of your WordPress website, you can improve your search engine rankings too.

Get Higher Traffic

A slow WordPress website can turn out to be a traffic killer. By having a faster loading time you can ensure that your website is not penalized by any search engines, and therefore drive more traffic.

Better Customer Retention

Using our WordPress Speed Optimization Servicesyou can improve the customer experience. This will ultimately help you in better customer retention with an increase in repeat customers.

Increase Overall Sales

A fast WordPress website can help you make more money as people don’t like to wait. You can improve your overall sales, reduce bounce rates and decrease cart abandonment by opting for our services.

Our WordPress Speed Optimization Services

Allow us to optimize your WordPress website as we know all the nitty-gritty needed to improve the performance of any website. We check each and every aspect of your website to ensure that nothing comes in the way of the speed. Here are some of the ways in which we optimize WordPress websites for our clients

  • Optimizing images while ensuring the quality
  • Compress and move the JavaScript and CSS
  • Move your WordPress website to a better web hosting provider
  • Remove query string from static resources
  • Inline CSS scripts to for faster loading

Is Your WP webSite Running Slow?

Let’s improve your site Speed.

Our WordPress Speed Optimization Services Enable You to Provide the Very Best User Experience Possible.

Three-step process to Improve WordPress Website Speed

As an experienced WP Speed Optimization Service Provider, we follow a three-step process to optimize WordPress websites for our esteemed clients. The first step is to do a thorough check of the website to have a better understanding of current performance and also to identify the areas that need to be worked upon. In the second step, our WordPress team works on your website to fix all the basic issues that we have found during step one. This includes fixing any broken links, link redirection and other such issues. The last and third step involves working on ways to improve your website. This includes compressing images, better browser caching, reduced server response and more. Once we are done with our three-step process, you will surely experience an improvement in the speed.