Malware Removal


​If you are looking to remove malware from a website? Our best website malware removal service and solutions will clean and restore your hacked website. myWPguys provides complete website security solutions and services including all website malware removal, backdoor, Google blacklist warning and secure against future cyber attacks.


Top-notch WordPress Malware Cleaner Services

Did your website got hacked recently and you fear some breach took place? If yes, then it’s time to move beyond those WordPress Malware removal plugins and get your site cleaned up manually. We are a premium WordPress Malware Removal Service Provider that has helped several organizations to remove the malicious code and enhance the overall security.

We offer professional WordPress Malware Cleaner Services that help to not only find and remove the malware that is already present, but it also enables us to safeguard your WordPress website against any malicious malware traffic. Moreover, we offer quick services and start working on malware removal as soon as you opt for them. This reduces the risk caused by the presence of such malware on your website.

secure your website from malware.

We clean and protect your website.

Get a real security expert to clean your website and prevent future infections. We will clean your site and ensure that it will not happen again. Fix Any WordPress Hack and Make Your Website Hack proof.

Why choose our services

One-time Cost

We offer our WordPress Malware Cleaner Services on a one-time cost so that you don’t have to worry about recurring payments. We will clean your website on a single fixed price that we charge, and there will be no additional or hidden costs to increase your budget.

Faster Malware Removal

Our WordPress Security Experts are known for their speed and efficiency. Moreover, we ensure that the malware removal process begins as soon as the client approaches us, which helps to minimize the threat caused due to vulnerability.

Guaranteed Protection

We ensure to provide you with guaranteed protection from all the malware so that your website is safe and secure for a longer period. We believe in the quality of services that we offer and therefore have been successful in providing guaranteed outcomes to our clients.

Professional Team

We are backed by an extremely professional and experienced team of WordPress Security Experts who knows the in and out of this game. This ensures us to deliver quality services every single time and keeping our clients happy.

Our WordPress Malware Cleaner Services

We offer many services as part of our malware cleaning offerings. Our comprehensive services ensure the complete safety of your WordPress website. Here is a glimpse of the work that we will be doing for you :

  • Checking your WordPress website to find the malicious code
  • Removing all the malicious code and content that is found
  • Ensuring that the core WordPress files of your website are secure
  • Hardening the security of your website further through a number of steps
  • Keeping you informed throughout the process and updating regularly on the same

Remove Malware from Your Website.


Our US-Based WordPress Developers are ready and waiting to get your WordPress issue fixed. Get a real security expert to clean your website and prevent future infections.

Our three-step malware removal process

We follow a simple three-step WordPress malware removal process at myWPguys. The first step including contacting us for our malware removal services and making the one-time payment. The second step involves sharing all the information that will be helpful to us during the cleaning process. And the third step involves starting the cleaning process as quickly as possible to ensure that your website is secure in the least possible time. Our malware removal process is simple yet effective and has helped businesses across the world to safeguard their websites.