5 Best WordPress Maintenance Plans for your ongoing WordPress website maintenance

The plans add different services like plugins updates, security insights, backups, support, and more. It powers more than 30% of the Internet where most clients choose WordPress for their sites.
WordPress Maintenance Plans

What is WordPress Maintenance Plans?

WordPress Maintenance Plans are used to maximize recurring revenue for any business. The plans add different services like plugins updates, security insights, backups, support, and more. It powers more than 30% of the Internet where most clients choose WordPress for their sites. The study proves that 80% of web design professionals offer top services alongside web design.


What are the benefits of WordPress Maintenance Plans?

There are three benefits that offer maintenance plans to your clients.

  • Generate reliable and recurring revenue

Nearly 44% of web designers don’t feel they’re getting enough paid for their services. If there’s anyone with the same category, then the maintenance plan is the perfect solution. Offering ongoing services to clients can be a game-changer for your business. It helps to ensure that you’re earning something. Along with the maintenance plan, you get safety for your business to have a steady cash flow.

  • Save Time in offering services upfront.

Take time to build different maintenance plans and save time for the future. Know what other service package set up and create a brand proposal for single service and individual client. Create maintenance and save administrative time by focusing on what matters.

  • Establish better relationships with clients

Offer maintenance plan to create a positive and ongoing relationship with past clients. Know your client in the best possible way. Customize and build different maintenance plans, match your clients’ needs. Build a relationship with clients as they refer to their friends.

WordPress Maintenance Plans Tips

1. Pick WordPress Maintenance Plans based on your Business size.

Are you a start-up and not using the website? Consider the right partner that guides you with ease. Choose the best maintenance partner and get experience in promoting the website online. Lean heavily on on-page SEO optimization.

 2. Choose the right team for WordPress Maintenance. 

Most companies fall short in getting the right team to provision servers and perform development tasks. Therefore, it’s best to work with a company with an interest in mind and monitor continuous updates with speeding up your site.

3. Ask your vendors the right questions to get the right WordPress Maintenance Plans.

  • One can ask vendors the following questions:
  • Do you monitor for Malware?
  • Do you monitor uptime?
  • How do you prepare for your site that has a burst of traffic?
  • Do you have full-stack developers for your team?
  • Do you perform updates on staging and not live site?
  • Do you deploy quickly in the staging area?
  • Do you have a shared hosting control panel to administer the site altogether?
  • Do you perform SEO audits?
  • Do you add a plugin license for popular plugins?
  • Do you provide free transfer or move the website from the current host to new servers?

4. Take care that your WordPress Maintenance Plans cover additional free and paid tools.

All WordPress website needs continuous maintenance every month for bugs and security purpose. It’s crucial to have backups and add an offsite backup in case of a catastrophic event. One needs to outline things by yourself and should do something for WordPress maintenance.

5. Install Security Plugin

WordPress offers useful security tools. However, it’s portable that not all website hosts cover all the security needs even if you’re paying for a fully managed WordPress or WooCommerce website. Also, there are a few low-cost plugins and services that make it simple to secure the services. They are Defender Pro, WebARX Pro, MalCare Pro, etc.

Why is WordPress Maintenance Plans critical?

  • Hackers are everywhere

WordPress is one of the popular and essential content management systems. It has more than 35% are self-hosted websites. As it’s so popular that hackers and viruses can easily target it. Hackers exploit bugs in specific plugins, allowing them to extract databases and create unauthorized admin accounts on vulnerable sites.

  • Get Backup

It’s not that hackers aim to take over your website and computers. There can be chances of malicious software programmed by hackers. If you choose not to update the site, then you might lose data. It might seem devasting, but it’s hugely time-consuming and frustrating to build your site backup.

  • User Experience is Everything

Do you know the importance of having a fast website? No one is going to wait for your website to load. If you’re like most people, then research shows 53% of mobile users leave a site if it takes more than 3 seconds of loading time. All that matters is speed. Optimized and monitor regularly.

  • Cost should not be more for maintaining.

If you think reasonable design costs expensive, then look at the wrong design. Do not ignore WordPress maintenance as it could cost you a lot more down the line. A poorly designed and outdated website push potential customer who isn’t good for your business.

Is it possible to maintain a WordPress Maintenance Plan by self?

Yes, it’s possible to maintain a WordPress Maintenance Plan if you understand how the platform works. Also, one needs to be familiar with all customizations set by a web developer.

Get started right away, hire our professional, and choose your best maintenance package. We make sure to provide regularly scheduled website backups, site speed optimization, and a security plugin. Let us know your interest in any of the plans we offer.

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