11 Reasons why you should use WordPress for your Business

If you want an online presence, then WordPress is the best platform for you. Based on statistics, WP powers 35% of the Internet in 2020. Every year there are 2% increases calculated with over 400 million visitors each month.
WordPress Development for Business

If you want an online presence, then WordPress is the best platform for you. Based on statistics, WP powers 35% of the Internet in 2020. Every year there are 2% increases calculated with over 400 million visitors each month. It’s a myth that WordPress Development only used for blogging. But, based on research, nearly 28% of the audience it gets by building an eCommerce website.

Create an eCommerce website with WordPress as it’s used approximately 75 million websites. WordPress is free, easy to deploy, and upgrade so used by many. It reduces development costs and deployment time. Do some people wonder why to use WordPress? Therefore, we are here to break down the benefits of using WordPress and give a clear view as to how WordPress is essential.

WordPress Development Benefits:

Open Source CMS

WordPress is open-source and can access by all users easily. It’s an initial step to improve security for your website. Any user can easily download and alter the WordPress code whenever one needs to. Acquiring WordPress doesn’t cost you a dime. You need a web host and structural domain to run WordPress, and you’re ready to go.

Been around since Years

WordPress is around us since 2003. The basic idea behind this was to create a CMS or blogging site. With passing time, the platform grew from business owners to programmers. As it doesn’t require any technical knowledge, WP could attract a broad audience.

Search Engine Friendly

It’s a dream of every site owner to rank higher on the search engine. WordPress mainly designed as an SEO-friendly tool since we can download it and use its SEO functions. The features are highly responsible and make a search engine for individual preference. WordPress gives each page a unique Keyword and Meta tag for more precise search optimization.


As WordPress has a global reach, it supports 160+ languages worldwide. Now create a website and reach an audience across the globe. In comparison, English is a popular language published on this platform. Using WordPress for your website adds an extra advantage to brand your business/services.

Easy Customization

No one likes to stick with cookie-cutter sites. In case, if you’re using WordPress for your website. WordPress theme is attractive and easy to implement. We can call it a heart that thrives the development community. With the above mention features, we can conclude that it helps in customizing your site at a low cost.

Community Support

We can reach out for help from several places. WordPress Development comes with an easy plugin and has a community forum that is moderated by employees. The majority of users who build their site with WordPress loves the flexibility and options it offers.

Themes and Plugins

WordPress comes with a wide range of augmenting plugins that are available for free and paid. Each theme comes with a layout for the front-end and plugin displayed in the WordPress gallery. One can also check out when the theme was last updated. WP comes with an organizational CMS platform that’s worth investing in. Moreover, a unique plugin enhances the user experience, which can be a great purchase.

Simplified Content Creation

If you’re new to create an eCommerce website, then it’s easy. One can create simplified content within few clicks. Once your life, you can add navigation to your post section. After posting, you can find text editors, formatting tools, and different ways to upload media files.

Comes with Simple Host

WordPress website builder sets up virtually on any web host since it powers 60% of the entire world approximately. Its major plan offers single-click installation for the CMS, which comes with pre-install mode. One can easily find the cheapest hosting provider that set up the local installation on your system for development and testing purpose.

Affordable Pricing

It’s one of the biggest advantages of WordPress to get away without paying anything. If you’re using other than basic features, then you need to upgrade to a paid plan. Moreover, WordPress development works well with SEO professionals. WP comes with several SEO plugins which allow SEO professional to provide a higher level of support and customization.

Security Access

WordPress developed using security in mind. It’s a safe and secure platform to run a website. Just like the real world, sometimes the Internet can be uncertain. Many peers out there use many sites for marketing themselves. So, to protect your site, WordPress comes with a security guide for beginners. It used to save against common threats like brute force attacks, etc.


WordPress Development with myWPguys

WordPress development is the right choice to create an eCommerce website. If you want to make your site looks professional and get better results, then WordPress works best, especially if you’re not code-savvy and want to get on with running businesses.

If you want to take a stab at WordPress on yourself, then we have WordPress experts who are ready to guide you. We believe in offering the best customer experience for beginners and techs alike. Connect with us to upgrade your business with WordPress.