What Is Chatbot – Why should you add to your WordPress website?

To run a website requires plenty of attention and time. No matter how comprehensive your website is, your visitor requires questions inevitably. The best answer here is, you won’t be available all time. That’s where we have to add Chatbot for the WordPress website.
add Chatbot for WordPress

To run a website requires plenty of attention and time. No matter how comprehensive your website is, your visitor requires questions inevitably. The best answer here is, you won’t be available all time. That’s where we have to add Chatbot for the WordPress website.

You must be familiar with chatbots that pop up in the lower right corner while browsing online. What chatbot is and why are brands scrambling to add them in websites. Keep reading to understand how chatbots work and why one needs to use WordPress Chat Plugins.

What is a Chatbot?

Chatbots is a computer program powered by rules or artificial intelligence or both. It interacts with human users via a chat interface. You might have experienced a conversation with Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa, or Google Assistant. These bots commonly referred to as virtual assistants. It designed to mimic human speech and simulate conversations. Few chatbots programmed with setting up a list of responses so the user can trigger on phases.

Some common chatbots Facts

  • 15% of people use chatbots to communicate with businesses
  • 35% of user use chatbots to resolve a complaint or issues
  • 40% of millennials claim to engage with bots daily
  • 58% of B2B companies use the chatbot on a website
  • 69% of consumer use chatbots for speedy conversation
  • 46% of companies use an intelligent assistant or AI chatbots for voice to text dictation.
  • 8 out of 10 users engage with chatbots report for overall positive customer experience.

How do WordPress Chatbots help to improve your site?

WordPress chatbot programmed to performed tasks based on how users interact with them. WordPress live chats offer generous support and information immediately without waiting for real-human to be available. The chatbots allow interaction without being forced to rummage through support pages for the right answer. Today, chatbots have become so popular that they can automate time-consuming tasks and enable you to focus more on time and effort. Understand the reasons how WordPress live chat is essential.

Provide customer Support

The common use case is providing help to customer queries. It enables us to deliver information in an engaging way. It helps to give natural and personal to users. The chatbots direct the customer to the exact person who wishes to talk based on their preference.

Gather user information to create new leads

It used to collect email addresses and enable users to sign up for more information. One can easily combine it with other functions. Chatbots programmed for specific questions in accessing and prioritizing qualified leads.

Automate specific tasks with making a purchase

A lot of brands are using chatbots to automate their ordering process. It makes the process easier for both you and your customer. Perform order by placing and confirming it in a matter of seconds.

Virtual Friends

WordPress live chatbots are programmed to have a friendly conversation with the user instead of sounding robotic and monotonous. The chatbots address the visitor by exchanging pleasantries and forth. It gives the visitor the feeling of attended by humans and not by an automated algorithm.

How to implement chatbot platforms?

Here is a list of platforms that work with WordPress to offer personalized chatbot for your business website. A few of them shown below:

  • Drift

It’s a chatbot that can integrate with WordPress websites. One needs to install plugins and place the line of codes in the site’s header section. It helps to save codes for your WordPress Website.

  • WP Chatbot

The platform is easy and simple to generate a personalized chatbot. It defines identity and generates leads using simple plugins installed with ease. With WP chatbot can create multiple chatbots and serve different purposes like sales and support for your business.

  • IBM Watson Assistant

It is one of the smart chatbots that comes with the inbuilt application of Artificial intelligence to generate relevant questions and answer them. For this, the user needs to install the Watson Assistant plugin and customized it as per preference.

  • Freshchat

The platform creates smart chatbots and helps meet the goal to get the right leads from your visitors. The conversation of bots is categorized to improve services as per customer’s needs. Freshchat helps to implement a standalone support system rather than integrating a WordPress website.

  • Botisfy

It’s one of the popular choices among newbies using WordPress support services. Using this platform one can build Chatbot services for your website with drag and drop features. The tool helps to analyze the nature of queries which in turn used to improvise chatbot services.

We have gone through a glimpse of how WordPress Chatbots helps to improvise your business. Chatbots are like an employee of your company working 24/7 and assisting your website. If you’re confused about how to implement WordPress live chatbots get in touch with us to explore WordPress Web development. Apart from targeting customers and generating leads, chatbots help to improve the overall customer experience.

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