11 Expert Tips to Improve Conversion Rate of WordPress Website or Store

A lot of site visitors are window shoppers, and it takes a lot of strategic work to squeeze a sale out of them. When you have a WordPress eCommerce site, you’ll find endless integration tools and various plugins to make conversion rate optimization and boost store sales.
improve conversion rate

Do you own an eCommerce store, own brick or mortar retail business on the web?

Do you sell products and services on the web for customer communication?

If YES, then this blog is for you to increase the percentage of visitors to your business. One need to decide how you’re going to source your products, set up your store and start marketing your site with paid advertising.

There are times when people are craving to get tons of visitors to their website. But what if the traffic doesn’t convert?

The latest survey by industries studies shows the average conversion rate of eCommerce websites is 2.86% in the US, and the global rate is 4.31% in the year 2020. We can define conversion rate optimization as the percentage of visitors which land on your website. For that, you need to have an end goal to define conversions that align with business goals. While surfing all over the web, you’ll find several tools to implement the CRO and how to improve conversion rate.

A lot of site visitors are window shoppers, and it takes a lot of strategic work to squeeze a sale out of them. When you have a WordPress eCommerce site, you’ll find endless integration tools and various plugins to make conversion rate optimization and boost store sales.

Let’s dive in to understand the expert tips to improve conversion rates.

Tips to improve conversion rates of wordpress website or store

  1. Please make use of Effective Headlines: The first thing that attracts use is its headlines. As it wraps your entire sales pitch and promotes your product with better lead generation.
  2. Use Strategic CTA’s: The primary purpose of CTA is a call to action which used to instruct your visitor to act in a particular manner. CTA will give a significant impact on improving the conversation rate of your WordPress website.
  3. Take care of Page Load Speed: Here page loads play a vital role while your WordPress site converts. We except things to load with a blink of an eye and if it doesn’t work so, visitor will hit back. Make sure to satisfy your audience with great performance and speedy page load by WordPress Speed Optimization.
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  4. Keep Navigation Simple: It’s something you won’t realize it quickly. Difficult navigation won’t give you direct traffic you are catering for. More audience is likely to click on simple navigation and improve the conversation rate.
  5. Offer Live Chat to answer the query: It’s one of the simple ways to boost store sales by using real-time assistance. Offering live chat to any WordPress website can give your customer great experience, used for prompt conversation, engage shoppers and increase conversions.
  6. Display Trust Signals with showing credibility: We’ll find a lot of scammers out there on the internet who target users who are making online transactions. Trust is an essential factor, and many top brands are unable to gain it. So, make sure your secure customer’s private data and guaranteed them to make them feel safer.
  7. Do allow multiple payment options: If you have an eCommerce store then to reach a global audience, you need to enable multiple payment options. WordPress is compatible to add all payment plugins and can accept various options without building different gateways.
  8. Distraction-Free Landing Page: We can’t miss out the landing page, and anything that attracts your leads is your landing page. Create a landing page that draws the attention of users and helps to efficiently improves conversion rates.
  9. Excellent Quality Content: How can we forget content as it’s of the best things to attract users. Educate your users to know more about your product and business. Tell them to use the product by adding exciting stories, advice and with proof of the product quality rated by customers.
  10. Mobile Optimize: It’s one of the essential tips to optimize your website for mobile. It can ensure that your WordPress site is responsive and offers A/B testing things while on mobile or desktop. There’s a vast mobile using individuals and companies are waiting to convert them into customers.
  11. Generate Leads to sell later: The customer who isn’t ready to buy from you now can get interested later on. So, you need to build an email list and offer them giveaways and other promotions to bring more eyes to your business. Use push notifications and make the market team and share more personal details.

Wrap up

Conversion rate optimization is never-ending anytime soon. So, the above pointers will guide you to boost store sales quickly. Here the best piece of advice we can give you is you can continuously test new ideas on your WordPress site and understand which one better perform for you.

In the end, remember one thing don’t just create a pretty storefront by adding great images but build trust, give fantastic customer service and welcome new customer with special offers. If you are looking to optimize your eCommerce website, and want to gain more traffic to your store, connect with our team. We have experts who are ready to bridge the gap between online and brick-and-mortar businesses.

Over to you

  • Always try to add new things into your online business.
  • Try to add combination tricks with effective marketing and consistent re-evaluation.
  • Employ more promotional offers, optimize the business and increase sales volume.