How To Secure Your WordPress Website From Malware?

The first step is making the right choice for your WordPress host. You need a host who offers Managed WordPress hosting rather than shared WordPress hosting. The latter differs as it means that there a number of websites working on a single server.

How To Secure Your WordPress Website From Malware?

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The expansion of the digital era has also opened doors to hackers, malware, or bugs. When it comes to WordPress websites, it becomes crucial to secure wordpress website from malware. Any brand must focus on this task as a priority. Your website speaks about your brand in the virtual world and this is why it is important to secure it. At any point, someone may try to hack your website without making you suspicious. This is why you need to remember a few things which will prevent unauthorized access to it.

There are hackers everywhere trying to access your data. In case your website gets hacked, it can cause serious damage to your business and sales. Third-party users may access passwords, bank information, customer data, and much more. In order to prevent such instances, you need to protect your site. WordPress is a secure platform to create your own websites. Developers look for bugs and work on its maintenance, but there are a few things which you can do to increase your site security. We have created a simple guide to help you protect your WordPress site.


WordPress Security

Being a brand, you would choose a secure platform to create a wordpress website. Let’s understand if WordPress is really secure. The answer to this question depends on how you maintain your wordpress website. The Content Managing System receives notifications for all possible malfunctioning and the team constantly works on foxing them. But, this is a huge platform to maintain. For example, if a popular plugin gets a bug, it will affect all those websites using it.

WordPress is a safe platform, but it depends on which plugins, themes, and other features you choose for your website. It is advised to select those which are updated on a regular basis. If you choose those plugins which haven’t been updated in recent times, you are putting your wordpress website’s security at risk.


Securing your WordPress Website

Safeguarding your WordPress website from hackers and malware is a crucial task. Here are a few steps which will help you protect your WordPress from bugs and malware.


Choose your host wisely

WordPress hosting service plays an important role in keeping the website secure. A reliable host will constantly keep track of any suspicious activity on the website. They will have tools ready to prevent DDOS attacks. They would always keep their software and hardware updated to prevent any kind of known security threats. If you opt for shared hosting, you are more prone to malware attacks. Selecting managed hosting will keep your site more secure with automatic updates, backups, and improved tools for better security. This is why it is important that you select a reliable WordPress host.


Use two-factor authentication

Option for the two-factor authentication on your login page will ensure security. This process works by providing login information for different elements. The type of questions depends on the user. You can select to login by entering your password followed by a personal question of your choice. You can choose the second login step and send a code which will be sent to your mobile number. You can enter the code and log in as a second step.


Go for a WordPress backup solution

WordPress Website Backups are important as they play a crucial role when your WordPress website is under attack. Once you save your backup, you can easily restore it when some sort of suspicious activity is encountered. You should keep in mind to save your backups in a different location other than the hosting account. You can save it on cloud storage like Amazon or Dropbox. You can opt for backup once a day or as per your convenience.


Selection of Plugins and themes

In order to keep your wordpress website secure, you have to choose plugins and themes wisely. Opt for those which have regular updates. The logic is that any software which gets updates regularly is more secure. Similarly, it is recommended to use plugins and themes which receive updates regularly. Let’s take an example. If a plugin or theme hasn’t been upgraded in the past six months, it should not be used. Whenever you are downloading a plugin, check for recent updates. This may sound like a simple task but can secure wordpress website to a great extent.


Activity Log Soltuion

Activity logs are one of the most crucial tools to maintain your WordPress security. They record all the important activity that goes on your website. This will help you to analyze and monitor any kind of suspicious activity. For example, if someone tries to access your login page, the activity log will inform you. In case you see a number of failed login attempts, someone was trying to hack your website. All of these logs can prove very useful when your website is attacked by any malicious user.


Setting a strong password

It is often told to keep strong passwords for your database. This is something you should remember. This password is used to gain access to the main database. It should be a blend of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Avoid using your birthdates, names of close people, or any information which people likely know. Go for a unique password which is difficult to crack and not related to you. This will ensure more security for your database.



WordPress is a secure platform to build websites, but it is important to take a few steps to secure wordpress website from malicious users. We have created a simple guide for your assistance.  Being a brand, it is important that you choose the right host for your website. With myWPguys, you will get a reliable WordPress Malware Removal services. We will help you to keep your website more secure with automatic updates, backups, and activity analysis. Work with the right team to grow and expand your enterprise. Contact our team of Experts Now!