How To Increase WordPress Website Speed?

The first step is making the right choice for your WordPress host. You need a host who offers Managed WordPress hosting rather than shared WordPress hosting. The latter differs as it means that there a number of websites working on a single server.

How to increase WordPress website speed?

how to increase wordpress website speed


With the advent of the Internet and Technology, digital platforms have evolved drastically. Brands are creating websites to create a unique identity for themselves over these platforms. There are a number of competitors globally who have a WordPress website for their enterprise. This is why it is important that your website is effective and user-friendly. It should also be quick in loading and performing the respective actions. This will ensure that your website gets optimum traffic over a period of time. 

If we look on a global scale, WordPress has occupied around 35% of the World Wide Web. This percentage demonstrates how crucial a WordPress website is for running an enterprise. All of this sounds exciting but is equally difficult to maintain. WordPress provides a number of plugins, themes, layouts, customisation options and a lot more. When you go to choose the best options for your customised websites, it may run slowly leading to a decline in traffic and customer engagement. This is why it is important to increase WordPress website speed with myWPguys.



The first step is making the right choice for your WordPress host. You need a host who offers Managed WordPress hosting rather than shared WordPress hosting. The latter differs as it means that there are a number of websites working on a single server. This means that your website is bound to slow down and the loading speed will be affected. When a single server gets overcrowded with various hosts, your website may temporarily be shut down or inaccessible. On the other side, Managed WordPress hosting is your ideal choice. It means that there is a team of professional developers who look into all the technical work and offer you support as and when required. At myWPguys, we work with Managed WordPress hosting to offer our clients with the best services.



Your WordPress theme should be chosen wisely. It tells users more about your enterprise and what it stands for. There are a number of themes available including the free and paid ones. You should know the key differences between the two and then choose. We would recommend a theme which is fast and pleasant with all the features you need. You can also go for a rich website which allows you to disable the options you don’t require. There are elements like galleries, sliders, google fonts, images and such which you may not need, so you can always turn them off.



Let’s discuss the steps in detail to make WordPress website faster. These are the technical aspects which your WordPress host should generally take care of. This is why myWPguys analyse the right requirements for your brand and helps you select the appropriate themes, plugins, layouts and much more.



Any website may require a caching plug to load faster. Whenever a request is made to your website, it will save its HTML data. This means that the Caching plug reduces the loading time by not opening any PHP scripts and sending the same content from the previous request to the next one.  Also, it will reduce the number of resources used by the server and TTFB to lower strain over the server. You may use WP fastest cache for serving such requirements. To add the plugin you can go to your WordPress dashboard and go into Plugins. Install the desired plugin. Your host would generally take care of this requirement.



We have heard a number of times that you should not use a lot of plugins or it will slow down the website. But, what really matters is the quality of the plugins you choose rather than its quantity.  There are websites which use around 40 plugins and still run well. The secret lies behind the type of plugin you choose and how well it is built to perform. At myWpguys, our team of experts has already tested out the plugins to find out which perform better to help you increase WordPress website speed.



For any website that gets high traffic frequently, it is important that your home page loads quickly. This means that you should avoid adding 40-50 thumbnails or blogs on your home page. The less media you add to the page, the better it is as it will make your WordPress website faster. You can always add Pagination to showcase your blogs and take the users to the next page. This option is available in your admin dashboard. Go to settings>Readings. You can change the number of blog posts from 10 to 12, depending on your requirement. You can also limit the display to excerpts, which will load the WordPress website faster.



Visual content plays an important role in attracting users to the website. This means that you need to use aesthetic pictures to add value to your content. But, these images usually have a large size which may slow down your website. In order to load the WordPress website faster, you need to optimize your images. Save your images preferably in .jpeg format. You may use the .png format if you really need transparency in an image.  The other option is to use image compression for your respective pictures. Compression tools may help you to reduce the size by 70%, keeping the quality intact.



For most older WordPress websites, it is advised to clear the autoloaded data. This data is majorly responsible for slowing down your website. The wp_options table usually has data such as your website URL, settings for themes and plugins, cache data, time format and such. The autoloaded data basically refers to third party data through plugins and themes. In order to increase WordPress website speed, you should clean up all such data.



There are a number of reasons your WordPress website is slowing down. It may be your plugins and theme cache or it may be a technical issue. One of the best ways to keep running your website in an optimum manner in choosing the right host. With myWPguys, you can easily manage your website maintaining steady traffic. Our team of experienced developers are always keen to support you with any requirements. With years of experience in WordPress hosting, we know the real deal. We take care of all the technical requirements to build a website which is faster, efficient and user-friendly. Get In Touch Now.