Elementor vs Divi – WordPress page builders, which one is better?

Confuse to choose between Elementor vs Divi? Well, these both are the most popular WordPress Page Builders plugins. You won’t go wrong whichever you prefer. However, there are few differences built with the WordPress plugin that might push you to choose one among others.
Elementor vs Divi

Confuse to choose between Elementor vs Divi? Well, these both are the most popular WordPress Page Builders plugins. You won’t go wrong whichever you prefer. However, there are few differences built with the WordPress plugin that might push you to choose one among others.

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Let’s start digging into the topic by understanding the difference between an Elementor page builder and a Divi page builder.


Elementor vs Divi Builder

Elementor Interface

Both Elementor and Divi WordPress Page builder offers front-end drag-and-drop interface, which inline editing and plugin interface. In the Elementor page builder, you require WordPress themes while creating a new page in it. By default, you’ll redirect to WordPress editor. For that, you need to click on Edit with the Elementor button to show the Elementor page builder and start editing.


Elementor interface divides into two main sections:
  • Live preview of your design
  • A sidebar helps to add new elements and access its functionality.

For adding a new design element, you need to drag it from the sidebar to the list. The Elementor supports inline editing for elements with text. It means we can edit any text on a page by clicking it. One can also use the text editor in the sidebar by using the sync method automatically.


Elementor Modules and Sections

You can rely on a chosen page builder library to build your designs. Here, we can compare building blogs by using:

  • Sections- It includes columns and widgets inside a section
  • Columns- It helps to divide your page and resize columns by using drag and drop
  • Widgets- It comes with a design element by using text and a button.


Elementor Styling Options

Both WordPress page builders highly praised for styling. It comes with excellent setting control with unique looks. If you’re using Elementor pro, you can add custom CSS to individual elements to use more control. The design system feature includes:

  • Site Setting Panel: It comes with lightbox settings, theme styling, and much more.
  • Global Colors: It enables change in color in one place and updates it everywhere.
  • Global Fonts: It let you configure fonts all over the site setting globally


Elementor Template Libraries

We’ll find large pre-made template libraries that help in quickly build outsides. It comes with two template libraries:

  • Pages: It has a full-page design
  • Blocks: Designed for individual page sections
elementor template libraries

It comes with a 40+ block template and a 30+ page template. Elementor pro can unlock the full template library by giving access to 50+ pro widgets and 300+ pro templates.


Elementor Theme Building 

Apply by Select your template. Build a template using the interface and set of themes available. Find elements and publish your template. Control and manage your template, which applies to different areas of your website and access to change, update, etc.


Elementor Pricing

Elementor is one that offers a free version of WordPress.org whereas Divi comes with premium pricing. Here are its plans:

  • 1 Site: $49
  • 3 Sites: $99
  • 1,000 Sites: $199

Divi Interface

Similar to Elementor, the Divi builder gives access to both front-end visual editing and back-end editing. Some people stick and focus more on visual editing. But if you’re one who likes back-end editing, then the Divi builder option works best for you. Install Divi builder and create a page, the window will ask you if you want to make it default, editor,

Divi page builder gives three choices

  • Build from Scratch: In here, you can start with a blank page
  • Choose a premade layout: Select from templates
  • Clone existing page: Copy another page you’ve already built

The Divi WordPress page builder editor is quite similar to the element builder. But here, there’s no fixed sidebar like Elementor. But in Divi, you can access everything with floating buttons that open various popups. Once you have some modules added on your page, you can inline editing to direct text edit. Later you can drag and drop to repositioning the element.


Divi Modules and Sections

Divi Builder comes with three different building blocks like:

  • Sections- It’s the largest container.
  • Row- It allows different columns layouts which divide vertically. One cannot resize these columns with drag and drop but can custom widths by using CSS.
  • Modules– It comes with essential design elements that the user can use.


Divi Styling Options

It works similar to Elementor but comes with three different tabs to control various elements

  • Content: Basic setting like text
  • Design: Covers things like colors, shadows, animation, and more
  • Advanced: Add custom CSS and control responsive visibility


Divi Template Libraries 

Divi comes with elegant themes and major upgrades. One can access 350+ templates spread across 177 layouts packs.

divi template libraries
Divi Theme Building

Divi comes with different themes that can be rearranged using the back-end interface. One can use a front-end visual builder to build a theme template and insert it into your site and tagline. Users can create custom header/footer using custom layout module functionality.


Divi Pricing         

Divi comes with an elegant pricing package, including

  • $89 – with unlimited websites with one year of support and updates
  • $249 – unlimited websites with lifetime support


Final Thoughts

We can’t have a clear winner. But you can choose which better suits your needs. As both do a great job of regularly pushing its new features. If you’re new to WordPress and looking to build a website for yourself, then Hire WordPress Developers who can simplify your task with ease. myWPguys experts provide top-notch services and develop highly efficient sites. Connect with us to empower your brand.